There’s No Such Thing as a Typical Company Store

Learn how we use technology to scale customization.


In a world where businesses are trying to reach scale (that is to develop a simple model where costs do not steadily increase along with increases in revenue) companies often try to define the average or typical customer.  The truth is that there is no such thing as the average customer.

There's No Such Thing as a Typical Company Store

There is also no such thing as the average or typical online company store. Each of our customers presents a unique set of branding requirements, of web functionality requirements, billing requirements and reporting requirements.

So when there is no average customer, how do we scale our company store platform? We do this by never having to code the same functionality twice. Any customizations we make for a client are developed as a configuration setting. This means we never need to make the same programming update twice. This enables our customers to benefit from years of web development updates.

When a new client presents us with their wish list, we can typically delivery 90% or more of the customizations through previously created configuration settings.  This enables us to launch a site in a matter of just a few days, rather than spending months coding the wish list.

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