Gift Codes

Gift Codes

Award employees using company store gift codes

Gift codes are a great way to reward employees or allow them the options to redeem anniversary gifts, holiday gifts, uniforms and much more.

An easy way to provide funds to employees

Gift codes can have numerous uses. Anniversary gifts, holiday gifts or a way to reward an employee for a job well done are just a few of the potential uses. Some companies may also use gift codes to subsidize the cost of uniforms or materials. Our easy to use gift code functionality makes checkout simple, and allows the user to pay and remaining balance with a credit card.

While gift codes may not be the primary function of your store, they allow you to fully leverage your company store for multiple uses. Features include:

  • Simple gift code checkout process
  • Pay remaining order balance by credit card
  • Use remaining gift code balance on your next order
  • Detailed gift code reporting

Contact us to discuss options for incorporating gift codes into your online company store.

Frequently Asked Questions

A gift code is a code with a pre-loaded dollar amount which can be used as a form of payment on a web order.

Yes, if you exceed your gift code allowance, our sites allow users to pay the remaining balance of the order online by credit card.

No, you do not have to pre-purchase gift codes. This eliminates the possibility of paying for unused gift codes.

One time. If you are looking to run a promotion and want to setup a discount or promotion code, this can be created as well. The same promotion code can be used by multiple users.

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Ready to get started?

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