Uniform Programs

Streamline employee apparel and uniform ordering with an online company store

Take the work out of managing a uniform program. Corporate approved uniforms can be easily ordered and shipped through your online company store.

Uniform Programs

Easy to access, corporate approved uniform ordering and fulfillment

Our online company store platform makes uniform ordering a simple process. Approved items can be made available to designated employees. Our platform also enables you to subsidize a portion or all of the employee’s uniform cost if you choose. Features include:

  • Access to approved options (by job title if required)
  • Subsidize a portion or all of the cost
  • Provide employees with a uniform allowance
  • In-stock or on-demand production
  • Automated approval process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will only load approved uniform options to your store.

Yes, our platform allows you to designate who has access to which group of uniform options.

Yes, we can provide an allowance while also giving the option to pay personally if they choose to order more than their allowance.

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Ready to get started?

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