Frequently Asked Questions

An online company store is your company’s online brand merchandise store. Each online company store offers immediate access to your corporate-approved branded merchandise.

Yes, our online company stores give approved users access to the online reporting dashboard. The dashboard features reports such as orders, sales, current inventory, receiving history, low stock products, among others.

Each client works with a dedicated account executive to help select items for the online company store and coordinate special drop ship orders.

One advantage of having an online company store is that nothing is wasted. If one department has leftover items, they can be shipped to the warehouse, put on the site and made available to the entire company.

All orders received before 3 p.m. are guaranteed to ship the same day.

Yes, each shopper has online access to their full order history. The shopper is able to get tracking information, reorder and view details for every order.

Definitely! We are always working to continually improve your site to meet your exact business requirements.

Yes, all products are photographed to adequately display your brand. In-house photography allows you to quickly add new items to the site.

No, you can have as many products and categories on the site as you want.

Coggins Promotional Advertising, Inc. is a tightly held private company. We do not report to any shareholders or investors. We only answer to the immediate needs of our clients. Online company stores are our core business, and we do not franchise our business model. Every one of our team members works closely through our home office to provide the best online company store capabilities and customer service possible.

Yes, we own our fulfillment and distribution center. This gives us total control over customer service, quality and cost from beginning to end. Many companies offer online company stores by partnering with a fulfillment company, but due to the intricacies of the branded merchandise industry, this almost always leads to poor quality control and customer service. We have total control over the success of your program, leading to best in class customer service and quality.

Yes, our online company stores are fully integrated with our warehouse and shipping systems. This enables us to quickly and accurately process orders same day. As soon as an order is placed online, the packing slip immediately prints in our warehouse, the order is gathered and packed, and the bar-coded packing list is scanned into our integrated shipping systems, eliminating any need for manually keying information. Integration with warehousing and shipping systems also provides greatly expanded possibilities for the customized functionality of your store.

While some companies are offering in-house fulfillment, many do this with a simple order-taking shopping cart. If an inventory system exists, everything must be manually rekeyed, often resulting in errors and time-consuming order processing. This is why the integration of your online company store and fulfillment center is so crucial to the success of your program.

Yes, if there is a data field available we can map it to a customized report, and if there is not a data field, we will create one. This leads to unlimited ability to report on any information you require. Because our systems are a complete end-to-end solution, we can access the entire spectrum of data as it relates to your program.

Yes, our online company stores have all of these features and can be programmed to meet your exact business requirements.