Control & Reduce Costs

Control & Reduce Costs

Leverage our platform to reduce cost

An online company store platform can help your company control inventory and reduce costs by enforcing budgets and/or limitations for purchases.

Reduce cost to maximize the impact of your branded merchandise

An online company store allows you to aggregate your companies collective buying power. In-stock inventory allows users to order the exact quantity needed, avoiding minimum production quantities and over-ordering in the field. On-demand production options can help reduce or eliminate inventory costs. Costs can be controlled through enforcing budget allowances through your store, implementing automated approval processes and designated levels of access to internal payment methods.

Every company or organization is unique, and determining the exact setup for your store will require some consideration. The common need each company shares is to efficiently source corporate approved branded materials so you can maximize brand exposure and add value to your brand.

Contact us to learn more and discuss how our online company store platform can help you control and reduce your overall total cost of ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, approved users can be setup with access to company budgets. Each budget can be setup with an approval process, as well as the ability to display and enforce budget balances.

For items frequently ordered by your team in the field, having in-stock inventory enables users to purchase the exact quantity needed, and no more.

You will have access to a suite of online reports. We will additionally provide an end of month reporting detailing all order history and usage. This report can be fully customized to the needs of your finance department.

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Ready to get started?

Contact us to schedule a one-on-one demonstration of our online company store platform. In this meeting we will discuss your company’s objects and show you how our platform can be configured to meet your exact business requirements.