Real-time, Online Reporting

Real-time Reporting Available Online 24/7

Give your managers access to our backend reporting dashboard, featuring a full suite of data and reports. Our reporting dashboard empowers your team to make data driven decisions over the management of your online company store.

Real-time, Online Reporting

Quickly access all of the information you need to make smart decisions

Our online reporting is a powerful tool for making data driven decisions regarding your online company store. Make smarter, faster decisions in real-time to improve business results and empower your brand. All of the information you needs is readily available from your online reporting dashboard. Standard reports include:


  • Order History
  • Item Sales & Usage History
  • Current Inventory
  • Low Stock Items
  • Inventory Receipt History
  • Inventory on-order
  • User Lists
  • Audit Trails


For your end of month financial reporting, we will additionally provide detailed order and usage report. This report can be customized to meet the exact format required by your finance department.

Need a custom report? No worries, our developers can quickly load additional information and reports to your suite of reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Just let us know what information you need to see, and our developers will update your online reporting.

Yes, all reports can be quickly downloaded into Excel.

Yes. Our tightly integrated, real time shopping cart and ERP systems offer all information in real-time.

We offer an unlimited number of admin accounts at no additional charge.

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Ready to get started?

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