New Hire Kits

Delight your new hires with a new hire kit

Welcome all new employees with a new hire kit. Use our online company store platform to easily distribute branded merchandise and uniforms to your new members.

New Hire Kits

Utilize your online company store to deliver new hire kits

Our team of corporate merchandising professionals can help you build the perfect new hire kit for your organization. Utilizing your online company store and our e-commerce fulfillment center, kits can quickly be distributed to all of your new hires. Designated users can be setup to access the new hire kit on the store, as you most likely do not want to make this item available to the entire organization.

Motivate new employees on their first day with custom designed new hire kit. Contact us to learn how you can begin designing your kit and streamlining the distribution process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can hide new hire kits from other users, making them only available for ordering and distribution by approved users.

New hire kits can be customized for your company. No two companies or cultures are exactly alike. Let us help you design a kit that best reflects your brand.

Yes, send us your spreadsheet and we will fulfill orders for all of your new hire kits.

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Ready to get started?

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