Swag Store Vendors

Looking to launch a swag store for your brand? Here are a few things to consider.

What is a swag store?

Well, it is basically the same thing as an online company store or corporate web store. It is an online e-commerce site that allows companies to offer things like:

  • Access to company branded merchandising and clothing
  • HR access for new hire kits
  • Recruiting packages for potential employees
  • Gift codes for rewarding employees
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Peer recognition programs
Swag Store Vendors

However, you should carefully consider potential vendors when launching a swag store. Typically, as more and more departments learn of the swag store, the store grows to offer solutions for multiple departments throughout an organization. It will be important that you have a robust platform in place as the store grows and evolves to serve more and more of your corporate needs.

It will also be important that your swag store vendor be able to offer unique, custom items. Many vendors only offer a small catalog of generic items which they try to make work for all of their customers. The best swag stores take a custom approach, and offer items that are uniquely customized and fit your branding requirements.

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