Adding SSO to Your Online Company Store

Adding SSO to Your Online Company Store

Single sign-on (SSO) allows your employees to login to multiple applications with a single login. Employees might be using ten or more applications, so having a single login and password to access each application can save them from having to remember numerous passwords.

Fortunately, setting up SSO for your online company store is an easy process with Coggins, and comes with many benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Automated Onboarding

If your online company store is intended to be accessible to all employees, then as soon as a new hire is added to your corporate network, they instantly have access to the online company store. Through SSO you can additionally setup automated store credit for new hires, allowing them to redeem merchandise as soon as they login.

  1. Automated Offboarding

When employees leave the company, you will want to make sure they can no longer access the online company store. This can be especially important if they were gift codes, store credit or had access to allocate orders to budgets or departments. Having SSO on your online company store fully automates the offboarding process.

  1. Increased Security

Many systems used for SSO allow you to add multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA requires that users provide not only a login and password, but also a second form of authentication, such as receiving a temporary text sent to their personal cell phone. You can also require that your users utilize highly complex passwords, further reducing the likelihood of a breach.

  1. Ease of Use

Many SSO systems allow you to create a intranet or portal where they can sign in to access all of their approved applications. You simply sign in, click on the company store application, and you are immediately signed into the store.

  1. Better Vendor Collaboration

While SSO streamlines the login process, you can expand upon your integration to automate functionality. Examples of this include populating the user’s office address for shipping, automated user group by certain criteria, automatically populating information for business card production and many more possibilities.

In conclusion, adding SSO to your online company store can have many great benefits. At Coggins, we have successfully deployed hundreds of SSO integrations with numerous systems. If you are interested in setting up or adding SSO to your online company store, contact us at any time.

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