Watch this video to learn about why Shipping Address Verification is important for Online Company Stores.

Address verification is an important feature for any e-commerce website. Address verification systems (AVS) check a customer’s shipping address to ensure that it matches the address of record for USPS and other major shipping carriers. In the event of a mismatch, the address verification system will recommend and alternative, valid address.

In some cases, the address a customer inputs might be valid, but not properly formatted. In this case the address verification system will either recommend an alternative address or automatically correct the address, such as properly abbreviating street names and adding the +4 digit postal code extension.

USPS tells us that properly formatted addresses will deliver 1 to 2 days faster on average. Address verification will also dramatically reduce costs and delays associated with carrier address correction fees and shipment returns.

Global address verification is a free feature on all of our company store websites.

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