5 Reasons We Will See More Online Company Stores

5 Reasons We Will See a Rise in the number of Online Company Stores

1. As the generation that grew up with social media and online shopping continues to enter the workforce and rise through the ranks, we will see outdated systems and tools replaced with more streamlined, web based tools.

2. Companies are becoming more data driven than ever before. Well built online company stores provide online data and reporting information that allow for the better understanding of a companies promotional marketing spend.

3. Custom branded merchandise will see an increase in total advertise spend. As companies are trying to break through the clutter, tangible merchandise in the hands of your target audience will prove to be more effective than ever before.

4. As branded merchandise spend increases, the procurement process will need to be simplified as many employees, departments and locations need easy access to branded items. Marketing departments no longer have the time or resources to be the sole buyer, and handle in-house distribution of materials.

5. Online company store technology and capabilities will continue to improve. This will streamline operations so that company stores not only make sense for Fortune 1000 companies, but medium sized businesses as well.

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