Rebranding? Perfect Time to Launch an Online Company Store

So your company has decided to refresh the brand! This might mean a new logo, new colors or maybe even a new company name. This also means that all your branded apparel and swag will need to be replaced.

An all-new company store is a great way to create excitement around your new brand. It is also a great opportunity to maximize exposure for your new brand as you get your new swag out into the marketplace. Your outdated swag will need to go to make way for new, on trend items where you can showcase your new brand that your creative team has worked so hard to create.

Below are a few ways to create buzz and excitement when launching your new brand online company store:

Provide Employees with Store Credit

You can create excitement amongst your employees by providing them with Store Credit to redeem merchandise with the new branding. Employees will serve as walking billboards as they sport your stylist selections featuring your new logo.

Provide Your Sales Team Funds to Distribute Gifts to Clients

Your sales team always needs something to talk to your customers about. What better ice breaker than to provide clients with a gift so your sales team can tell them all about the rebrand. With a new online company store you can let your sales team quickly source and send merchandise to your customers.

Give your Event Teams Access to Items with the New Branding

Of course, your event teams will need access to newly branded items featuring your new logo. Having a section on your online company where your event team can order all of the needed banners, booths and displays as well as your new stylist swag is essential to launching a new brand.

Send a Swag Mailing to Clients

Want to really accelerate the launch of your new brand? Consider sending a mailer to all of your new clients with a gift to highlight the announcement of your newly designed brand.

Social Media Engagement

Stylist swag always makes for engaging social media contact. Of course, you will want to post images of your new swag from corporate social media accounts. Employees can also join in on the fun posting from their personal accounts.

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