Integrations to Consider for Your Online Company Store

Learn about the processes and benefits of an integration.

When it comes to your online company store, there are many ways to enhance its effectiveness and appeal to your users, while simplifying your business processes. One method is through an integration. At Coggins, we offer different integrations to fit the needs of your unique business practices. Whether you’re choosing single sign-on or focusing on creating a points or order system, there is an integration for you. 

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Any of these integration projects start with a simple phone call, and after a collaborative and tailored building process that involves our team working closely with yours, you’ll end up with an online company store streamlined to produce great user experiences. Here is a look at the different integrations we offer and their benefits.

Login API or Single Sign-On Integration

Our Login API, or single-sign-on Integration, allows your users to seamlessly connect to your online company store through a single username and password. It’s one of the most common integrations we offer and increasing in popularity – particularly among companies with large amounts of employees, due to its multiple security features. We can integrate our Login API with systems like Active Directory, Microsoft 365, One Login, Octa, and other cloud-based systems of similar nature.

What are the Features and Benefits of this Integration?

Single Sign-On removes the need for your employees to remember multiple passwords for your store. It also benefits you as the employer by:

  • Giving you the ability to determine and control user roles and access levels through our permissions technology. For example, you can have only certain products show for your employees based on their job description or role. 
  • Removing access to employees who have left your business. 
  • Scaling with you as your company grows, or as your online company store grows.

What is The Process Like?

All of our integration projects involve dedicated members of our tech team sharing information back and forth with your point of contact. Because of that, this integration can be completed in a few days, unless your team needs something custom built. 

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Points API

Our Points API is a pre-built integration that transforms your online company store into a “points store,” meaning your employees can use points to pay for items in your store. The Points API implements a gamification aspect to your existing system. 

What are the Features and Benefits of this Integration?

The most notable feature of the Points API is the ability to get creative with your store. Companies of all sizes can use it to create interesting point names and values, while engaging with their employees. Other benefits of the Points API include:

  • Ensuring employees are engaging with your online store by providing links to create logins to claim points.
  • Giving control to you, as the employer, through the designation of email addresses, point allocation, point naming conventions, expiration dates, and user groups.
  • Removing manual processes associated with traditional payment methods.
  • Scaling with you as your company and online company store grows.

It is important to note you can still have a points store (an online company store where your employees can use points over traditional pay methods) without using the API. In that scenario, you’d simply use an excel document with your pre-set values and upload it on your back-end. 

What is The Process Like? 

Similar to our Login API integration, this integration is a two-way process between our tech team and yours. Our development team is agile and can work with yours to meet the needs of your integration, and you can expect a finished product within a few days. 

Once your integration is ready and you want your employees to begin interacting with your store, the process is also quite simple:

  • Email the point link claim to each employee or user.
  • Inform them they need to log in to claim points.
  • Display their points in their account (integration automates this).

Other Integrations to Consider

Order API

Another integration that can help enhance your online company store is our Order API. This integration automatically sends orders after they are placed. For instance, once an order comes into your system, it will be fulfilled and shipped within the same day – erasing any manual processes typically associated with online purchases. 

Purchasing System Integration

Our purchasing integration connects with your accounting software, like SAP, Ariba, or even Oracle, to simplify the purchasing process for your employees. Like our other integrations, this aims to lessen manual processes to free up your time as well as enhance your employees’ experience with your store. 

And no matter what integration you choose – Login, Points, Order, or Purchasing – our team of experts will ensure you’re left with an online company store that positively affects your employees and other visitors, as well as the business functions related to your store. To get started with your project, contact us today!

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