How to Leverage the Power of Promotional Products

There is a good chance that your organization purchases promotional items. But, is your organization fully leveraging the power of promotional products?

Before we dive into how to leverage promotional products, it is important to understand the power of promotional products. According to industry research:

  • Recipients of carefully selected items report feeling happiness, appreciation, gratefulness and thankfulness;
  • The average promotional item is kept for 8 months, more for certain product categories;
  • Promotional items average 3300 impressions during their useful life, more for certain product categories;
  • Promotional products offer a very low cost per impression, while creating greater brand awareness.

Why Most Companies Fail to Fully Leverage Promotional Products

Most companies only scratch the surface of promotional products as a marketing tool. Typically, marketing departments place an order ahead of an event or manage a limited swag closet of goods that can be picked through by the employees who need promotional items for a specific purpose. What we’ve just described is not a comprehensive strategy that fully leverages the power of promotional products.

To fully leverage promotional products, your company will need a promotional products distribution platform, commonly referred to as an online company store. A well-built online company store from a vendor who both specializes in promotional products and e-commerce technology can have a massive impact on your brand.

An online company store allows you to:

  • Offer in-stock inventory, making items available to order one at a time and ship the same day. This also makes it possible for your team to take advantage of last minute opportunities;
  • Offer a corporate-approved, curated catalog of items that can be produced on-demand;
  • Gain powerful insights and reporting;
  • Account for the usage of promotional products throughout your organization, often by department, GL Code, Cost Center…etc.;
  • Offer Gift Codes, Points and Promotions as an incentive to employees and/or customers;
  • Allow your brand advocates to order merchandise by credit card.

Setting something like this up doesn’t have to be a lengthy, dragged-out process. At Coggins, we’ve simplified set-up, onboarding, and merchandise selection. To see how, contact us to schedule a live, one-on-one demo of our platform today!

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Ready to get started?

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