Employee Programs to Implement with Your Online Company Store

Your online company store is a good way to create branded employee programs that your employees will enjoy participating in.

Recent studies show employee engagement is a critical component to overall company success. In fact, research done by Gallup reports companies with a high level of engagement report 22% overall higher productivity, which can result in higher revenue.

With that in mind, you may wonder how you can better interact with your staff. Consider starting with your online company store. By implementing employee reward programs in your store, you can begin engaging with your employees cost-effectively and easily. Here are some examples of programs you can use.

Employee Programs to Implement with Your Online Company Store

Performance Recognition

The promise of sleek, branded merchandise is a great way to motivate your employees to perform at their best. When you recognize them in this way, they can feel more connected to management, as well as the goals and vision of your company. Your employees will likely show them off as well, which can encourage other staff members to work hard.

Work Anniversary

Rewarding your employees for their years of service with a gift of their choice shows appreciation for their loyalty. A typical model would offer awards to your employees after a certain amount of years, generally starting with five years. After each incremental year, the value of your reward should increase. When you implement a program like this, it can help retain your current employees while encouraging others to stay.

New Hires

The first impression of your brand is essential. By providing new hires branded merchandise like apparel and office stationery during their onboarding, they’ll feel immediately welcomed, motivated, and connected to your company. This is also helpful for new employees who will eventually be representing your business outside of the office at tradeshows or conferences.


Holidays and birthdays are an excellent opportunity to give your employees additional appreciation for their hard work throughout the year. Generally, companies will provide gift certificates or point balances to use towards any item in their online company store. However, you can also let them choose from a pre-selected category of merchandise.


A wellness program that rewards your employees with company merchandise or gift certificates is beneficial to their well-being, your workplace culture, and everyone’s overall health. Typically, a wellness program promotes exercise, volunteering, involvement in company activities, and lifestyle changes. It can easily be point-based, with different levels resulting in various types of gifts.

Sales Goals

To motivate specific team members, such as your account executives and sales representatives, create a sales goal program. When they reach their goals, offer them a selection of company merchandise, or provide them with a specific gift. The value of their reward can increase with their sales performance, further motivating them to meet their objectives.


Encourage workplace safety compliance by offering awards to employees who focus on daily activities and goals that promote long term safety improvement and awareness. Your merchandise for this program can feature your safety message that reminds all of the team of your safety values.


If your company requires your employees to wear branded uniforms, implementing an employee uniform program can help streamline the process. You can offer an allowance for your staff to purchase their apparel as well as give them the option to pay personally should they want to order more.

Employee programs that give your staff rewards and other merchandise are a great way to boost engagement and morale. With your online company store, it’s easy to get started with programs that your employees will enjoy participating in. If you’re ready to begin implementing these programs in your store, contact us today.

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