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[Video] Using Budgets to get the Most out of Your Online Company Store

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March 5, 2019  •  Guides, Videos

Watch this video to learn how to use budgets to get the most out of your Coggins Promotional online company store.

An online company store can offer access for employees to make personal purchases, but you may additionally want to setup internal or power users who have access to bypass the credit card requirement, and allocate the order to an internal company budget, department or cost center. No matter how your company keeps track of spending, we can build a custom payment method to capture all necessary information for your finance team.

Let’s review the checkout process.

When I get to the cart, I will proceed to checkout. I will login with my account. And I’m set up as an internal user which could potentially give me access to different price points and different items. It will also give me access to the company budget payment method.

Once I sign in, I will select my shipping method, which directs me to the payment page. And I have access to pay by credit card but I additionally have access as an internal user to this company budget payment method.

You can see here that I have to access to these 3 different budgets. This budget menu can be customized on a user by user basis, so if you have certain employees in the human resource department that only need access to a human resources budget or if someone has their individual sales budget, you can customize access on a user by user basis. If you want everyone to have the same menu, we can do that as well.

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We can also setup budget approvers. So if I were to bill this order to human resources, there might be someone setup on the back end to receive and approve those orders.

We can also load, display and enforce budget balances. Budget balances are a way for you to control spending, to allocate funds, and to give someone a budget that they can use on the store. That way they can’t go in and order everything. They have a limited amount of funds available to them to use on the store within a given time period.

We can also add open fields and dropdown menus, so that we are capturing all of the information that is part of the company budget payment method that you want us to capture and report back to you.

Almost all of our company stores use budgets. It’s a great way to give people an opportunity to place a business order instead of having the site setup for personal orders.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to set this up for you and customize it to your exact requirements.

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