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December 9, 2016  •  Our Platform

Learn how to launch a best in class corporate web store for your brand.

A corporate web store can enable your company to distribute branded merchandise while meeting all necessary business requirements. A well-built store can have a number of benefits including preventing poor quality product from being produced, corporate spending controls, real-time data and reporting,  ease of access and seamless order fulfillment. A capable vendor should be able to customize every aspect of your corporate web store to meet you exact business requirements.

You will want to thoroughly analyze the shopping cart to make sure it has a clean design, is responsive for mobile and has an intuitive, easy to use checkout process. You will want to ensure that you have the option to produce products on-demand as well as have items ship same day from your in-stock inventory.

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Real-time data is very important. You should thoroughly analyze the available online reports and ensure that all of your reporting requirements can be met. As the manager of your corporate web store, data driven decision making is critical.

Lastly, you should analyze your merchandise account management team for your corporate web store. What does a presentation look like? How quickly do they respond? How knowledgeable do they seem? How professional is my account manager.

Doing all of the necessary research will enable you to launch a best in class corporate web store for your brand.

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