Eliminate Brand Abuse with an Online Company Store

February 3, 2016  •  Guides

Learn how you can easily and efficiently eliminate brand abuse by launching an online company store.

Brand Abuse

When a company has multiple locations, departments and numerous employees, it is typical that everyone in the organization is just out on their own doing their own thing, and ordering all sorts of merchandise from all sorts of vendors. This almost always leads to brand abuse.

Unapproved products, bad embroidery, misuse of logo files and unauthorized graphics are just a few of the typical ways a brand might be abused.

Your organization has most likely spent tens of thousands if not millions of dollars building and establishing a brand, but your brand merchandise processes might be sabotaging your own efforts. Once the brand has been abused enough, the next step most organizations will take is to require all orders be pre-approved by someone who has been designated to protect the brand. However, depending on the order volume and company size, this can quickly become a full time job and slows down the ordering process, which is not an efficient use of your employee’s time. So how can we efficiently protect the brand?

An online company store allows you to pre-approve items and make them available to the entire organization.

It also provides for a single vendor to be responsible for product quality rather than trying to manage quality amongst dozens of vendors. You might be thinking that e-commerce, processing payments, reporting, etc. might be more complicated than it’s worth. However, if you choose an experienced vendor with automated and flexible systems and processes, launching and managing an online company store that meets your exact business requirements is much easier than you might think.

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